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At IQ Homes, we believe that everyone deserves a place to call HOME.


We want to help more people achieve their dream of "home" by streamlining the homebuilding process to reduce the number of delays and inefficiencies along the way. Building a home is typically a long, stressful and expensive process.  


In all phases of design, site preparation, framing, electrical work, plumbing, interiors and etc. there are plenty of probabilities for human error. At IQ Homes, we believe in simplifying the process, without cutting corners and without selling our clients short.


How we do it? You've probably heard a lot about shipping container homes by now. There's a lot to talk about structural durability, adaptability, cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability and many more attributes of container homes. When add it all up, using shipping containers to build homes makes sense.


IQ Homes will work to save you both money and time on your building site. We will do everything in our power to make your particular dream of "home" come true.


Majid and Ehsan are founder of T&F Ironworks Ltd. and head engineering of IQ Homes team. They have a long history of working with shipping containers and a determination to move the affordable home ownership revolution forward. Majid and Ehsan have worked together for the past 12 years running an ironworks company.  Majid's specialty is in industrial design engineering, while Ehsan is a civil engineer.

Affordable home ownership = Happy life


Majid started his career in the petrochemical industry, where he became a welder. He managed teams of up to 150 people including welders, assemblers, grinders, and to build massive containers. This led him into the idea of shipping containers homes. Then he started to build emergency boxes and moved on building mobile hospitals out of shipping containers. There are a lot of advantages to shipping containers whether you want to build a coffee shop, a chicken farm, a hospital or a house. IQ Home structures are already built, and you could never build that quality on site.

"Shipping containers are simple structures, but they are incredibly strong," says Majid. Accordingly, building with them requires special tools and very specific skills. "Design a shipping container home is an art and everything we've worked on has set us up perfectly for this."

From the engineering perspective, both Majid and Ehsan are passionate about shipping containers, but more importantly, they are passionate about the idea of home. The preliminary design was quoted by Majid, designed and manufactured by both of us. “says Ehsan” 

We've lived all over the world and know that "home" is important to people everywhere, and there are many different ideas of what it looks like," says Majid. "Shipping containers make sense to us as a way to give more people the homes they deserve. We also know, good things grow out of good homes.

Join Us in Welcoming The Affordable IQHome Ownership Revolution!

A real-world solution to affordable home ownership for everyone


An IQ home looks like whatever our clients want their home to be like. This means they can be modern, industrial, rustic, gothic, Victorian, art & craft style... Whatever you're into, we will build. What's truly unique about IQ Homes are the walls, and you won't notice that they're shipping containers when you walk into them.


Why do we love shipping containers?
They will provide a stronger, safer and more durable skeleton for your home than any other available material. Shipping containers are built and designed to withstand tens-of-thousands of pounds of pressure. They are "engineering-overkill," without the high price tag that you'd expect.

IQ Homes are airtight, properly insulated, and they are more comfortable than a conventional home. This also means you'll pay less for the utilities. By converting a shipping container to an IQ Home, we make use of a material that would otherwise go waste. So, we can drastically cut the material cost to build your home. We make sure that every element required for your home is tailored perfectly to fit into the desired space to saver time, stress, labour cost, and etc..

How do we work?
Every aspect of building your dream home happens through our company. We are partnered with amazing architects and general contractors (Mansouri  Group) who can help you to design your home to meet your requirements and needs. We will submit your design to local permitting authorities, and ensure you get the proper permission to build. We build the walls, get the windows, and prepare every bit of plumbing, every interior piece required for your home to fit exactly into place. When it's all ready, we arrive on site and assemble the whole IQ Home within 10 days of time.

We can even help you get financing.

What do we promise?
We promise to work smarter, to build your home in the best way possible, and to get your home built for the best price possible.

What do we want?
Happy customers, who are proud home-owners.

IQHomes is proud to present real affordable home ownership for all.

Home-building solutions that just makes sense.


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Affordable home ownership = happy life

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